2001 Jaguar Alternator replacement.

Today TMF AUTO replaced a alternator on a 2001 Jaguar XJR super charged. First TMF disconected the battery. Next TMF removed the entire air box assembly, then removed the two bolts at the top of the cooling fans, raised the fans upward to remove both connectores going to the cooling fans. Once TMF AUTO had removed the cooling fans we then removed the serpentine belt and tensioner. TMF then removed the super charger belt by rotating the belt tensioner bolt head and removing the belt from all the other pullys. Next we repositioned the super charger cooling hoses to the side to gain access for the room you will need to remove alternator. We then jacked the pass front end up in the air and placed a jack stand under the frame. Once car was in the air, we then removed the two 8mm bolts holding the alternator cooling duct in place,then removed the connector and possitive cable going to the back of the alternator,then removing the lower alternator bolt and nut. TMF then went from the top of the engine and removed the top alternator bolt, then finally pulling the alternator upwards to remove.Reinstalled alternator in reverse procedure. We then checked charging system and test drove.

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