2004 Chevy Tahoe Crank No Start

Today TMF AUTO had a 2004 Chevy Tahoe on the side of the road with a crank no start issue. First TMF checked for fuel psi and spark. After hooking up the fuel gauge and spark plug tester we cranked the engine and found no spark and no fuel psi. We then started checking fuses and found the pcm 1 fuse blown. After installing a new fuse we cranked the engine over and while cranking we saw the fuse blow out with a spark. We now know that we have a grounding out issue so the hunt began. TMF first removed the fuel pump relay to rule it out. Replace fuse with relay out then cranked over the engine with the same results. We then did a visual inspection on all the wire looms including all ground wires. To our suprise we found a clip that holds a wire harness to the body had fallen out of the body caousing the harness to rub on to the front drive shaft u joint. After TMF had found the purple wire going to the 02 sensor was the one caousing this short we simply fixed the wire,installed new fuse and relay and set the customer one his way.

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