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1993 Honda Accord died while driving.

Today TMF Auto got dispatched for a stranded motorists on the off ramp of I 355 and 159th in Lockport. First thing TMF Auto did was to hook up a spark plug tester between the spark plug wire and spark plug. Next we disconected the fuel line and installed our fuel psi gauge in to the line. We then removed one spark plug and installed a cylinder head compression gauge into the spark plug location. Next it was time to turn the key.We found the battery was out of charge do to the customer cranking the engine over for a long period of time trying to get it to start. Now we had to hook up jumper cables to charge the battery to get a good 12v down to the starter.Once we cranked the engine over, we saw a good amount of fuel psi, but no light from our spark plug tester or cylinder head compression gauge.
The next thing TMF Auto did was to remove the 3 screws from the distributor cap and place cap to the side. We then cranked the engine again and found the rotor was not moving.The last thing we did was remove the bolts from the top front cover and inspect the timming belt. Once the top of the cover was pulled back we could see that the timming belt had broke do to old age.
Regular scheduled maintenance would have prevented this from distroying his engine. Please check the owners manuel for your scheduled maintenance log or contact us and we will tell you what and when it is do.
It was to much money for the customer to put in such an old car, he had declined any further repairs on it and sent it off to the junk yard.

2001 Jaguar Alternator replacement.

Today TMF AUTO replaced a alternator on a 2001 Jaguar XJR super charged. First TMF disconected the battery. Next TMF removed the entire air box assembly, then removed the two bolts at the top of the cooling fans, raised the fans upward to remove both connectores going to the cooling fans. Once TMF AUTO had removed the cooling fans we then removed the serpentine belt and tensioner. TMF then removed the super charger belt by rotating the belt tensioner bolt head and removing the belt from all the other pullys. Next we repositioned the super charger cooling hoses to the side to gain access for the room you will need to remove alternator. We then jacked the pass front end up in the air and placed a jack stand under the frame. Once car was in the air, we then removed the two 8mm bolts holding the alternator cooling duct in place,then removed the connector and possitive cable going to the back of the alternator,then removing the lower alternator bolt and nut. TMF then went from the top of the engine and removed the top alternator bolt, then finally pulling the alternator upwards to remove.Reinstalled alternator in reverse procedure. We then checked charging system and test drove.

TMF Auto Professional Fast Mobile Mechanic Service

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TMF Auto Inc. is the best mobile mechanic service in the United States of America.  They are fast, professional and reliable. They will come to your home or place of business and repair minor or major problems that you are having.  You may simply request to start with a diagnostics.  TMF Auto will diagnose any problem that you are having with any make and model vehicle.  From there They will offer you  a competitively priced solution to your mechanical issues. In addition you get to bypass the towing option.  No towing fee plus no worries whether the towing company will take care of your car while they bounce it down the street.  Tow trucks are a thing of the past.  The whole process of towing to a mechanic shop is time consuming and frustrating.  When you order TMF mobile mechanic service you do not even need to be present.  Find a way to work and your car will be repaired by the time you get home from work.  TMF Auto saves you time and money.  Their vehicles are fully stocked with tools and parts that you may need.  This is a simple solution of the modern day car problems you may face. Whether its an emergency or basic maintenance, we do roadside assistance and at-home service.

Don’t call a tow truck, don’t wait at the dealership. Call us and we’ll come to you!

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