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1993 Honda Accord died while driving.

Today TMF Auto got dispatched for a stranded motorists on the off ramp of I 355 and 159th in Lockport. First thing TMF Auto did was to hook up a spark plug tester between the spark plug wire and spark plug. Next we disconected the fuel line and installed our fuel psi gauge in to the line. We then removed one spark plug and installed a cylinder head compression gauge into the spark plug location. Next it was time to turn the key.We found the battery was out of charge do to the customer cranking the engine over for a long period of time trying to get it to start. Now we had to hook up jumper cables to charge the battery to get a good 12v down to the starter.Once we cranked the engine over, we saw a good amount of fuel psi, but no light from our spark plug tester or cylinder head compression gauge.
The next thing TMF Auto did was to remove the 3 screws from the distributor cap and place cap to the side. We then cranked the engine again and found the rotor was not moving.The last thing we did was remove the bolts from the top front cover and inspect the timming belt. Once the top of the cover was pulled back we could see that the timming belt had broke do to old age.
Regular scheduled maintenance would have prevented this from distroying his engine. Please check the owners manuel for your scheduled maintenance log or contact us and we will tell you what and when it is do.
It was to much money for the customer to put in such an old car, he had declined any further repairs on it and sent it off to the junk yard.

2004 Chevy Tahoe Crank No Start

Today TMF AUTO had a 2004 Chevy Tahoe on the side of the road with a crank no start issue. First TMF checked for fuel psi and spark. After hooking up the fuel gauge and spark plug tester we cranked the engine and found no spark and no fuel psi. We then started checking fuses and found the pcm 1 fuse blown. After installing a new fuse we cranked the engine over and while cranking we saw the fuse blow out with a spark. We now know that we have a grounding out issue so the hunt began. TMF first removed the fuel pump relay to rule it out. Replace fuse with relay out then cranked over the engine with the same results. We then did a visual inspection on all the wire looms including all ground wires. To our suprise we found a clip that holds a wire harness to the body had fallen out of the body caousing the harness to rub on to the front drive shaft u joint. After TMF had found the purple wire going to the 02 sensor was the one caousing this short we simply fixed the wire,installed new fuse and relay and set the customer one his way.

Replacing a window run on a 99 E150

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Today TMF replaced the front drivers window run. First thing TMF did was to remove the door pannel. First you have to remove the trim around the inside door handle, next remove the black trim at the top of the pannel, then remove the window crank handle. After removing window crank handle you must locate the 3 screws holdind the pannel on. Remove the 3 screws then lift up on the door pannel to remove it. Next TMF removed the speaker and disconected the wire harness to speaker. Once the speaker is out you can now remove the 11mm bolt holding the window run in place. You also have to remove the two moldings at the top of door before removing run. Remove the window run and reverse procedure to re install.

2001 Jaguar Alternator replacement.

Today TMF AUTO replaced a alternator on a 2001 Jaguar XJR super charged. First TMF disconected the battery. Next TMF removed the entire air box assembly, then removed the two bolts at the top of the cooling fans, raised the fans upward to remove both connectores going to the cooling fans. Once TMF AUTO had removed the cooling fans we then removed the serpentine belt and tensioner. TMF then removed the super charger belt by rotating the belt tensioner bolt head and removing the belt from all the other pullys. Next we repositioned the super charger cooling hoses to the side to gain access for the room you will need to remove alternator. We then jacked the pass front end up in the air and placed a jack stand under the frame. Once car was in the air, we then removed the two 8mm bolts holding the alternator cooling duct in place,then removed the connector and possitive cable going to the back of the alternator,then removing the lower alternator bolt and nut. TMF then went from the top of the engine and removed the top alternator bolt, then finally pulling the alternator upwards to remove.Reinstalled alternator in reverse procedure. We then checked charging system and test drove.

Auto Mechanic Mokena IL 60448

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Welcome to the new car care blog!

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This is a new feature of the site and while we get set up start churning out some really great material we’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you what you’ll be finding here.

Not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair their own vehicle but for those brave souls who dare give it a try or are just curious as to how things are done, TMF Auto is here to help.

You’ll find car care tips, tricks, and advice on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • How-to guides
  • Car maintenance tips – everything from proper oil changes and tire rotation to engine replacement and everything in between.
  • Answers to questions like “What’s that funny sound?”
  • Reviews of new cars and their specs
  • Recommendations of where to buy the best quality parts
  • How to spot an honest mechanic and do you really need the work they’re pushing for?
  • Fair pricing for auto repairs
  • And a whole lot more.

Since this is our very first post we’d like to ask our readers for some suggestions.

What topics would you like covered in a future blog post?

Do you have any car repair questions you’d like answered by a trained mechanic? Use the comments form or use the email form at the bottom of the page to send us an email. We’ll take your suggestions and questions and answer them in upcoming posts.

Need a mechanic now? Well lucky for you TMF Auto is a mobile auto repair shop first and a resource for car care tips second.

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