Replacing a window run on a 99 E150

May 2, 2012   //   by Dan Tucker   //   Auto Mechanic Mokena IL, Car Maintenance and Repair Tips  //  No Comments

Today TMF replaced the front drivers window run. First thing TMF did was to remove the door pannel. First you have to remove the trim around the inside door handle, next remove the black trim at the top of the pannel, then remove the window crank handle. After removing window crank handle you must locate the 3 screws holdind the pannel on. Remove the 3 screws then lift up on the door pannel to remove it. Next TMF removed the speaker and disconected the wire harness to speaker. Once the speaker is out you can now remove the 11mm bolt holding the window run in place. You also have to remove the two moldings at the top of door before removing run. Remove the window run and reverse procedure to re install.

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